Malacholla Free Form Specimen

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This high-grade Chrysocolla and Malachite Freeform from DR Congo (also known as Malacolla) is just magnificent.

Featuring breathtaking tropical sea blue colours from the Chrysocolla and fascinating natural patterns from the Malachite, this piece measures approximately 50 mm in height x 95 mm in width x 60 mm in depth and weighs 325 grams.

The colours of this polished freeform are just sensational and it makes for the ideal display crystal.

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Malacholla is a combination of both Malachite and Chrysocolla, it can be used with the Throat Chakra where it helps with wise communication from the heart, or with the Heart Chakra to help you to learn how to live from your heart's truth. It is a very peaceful stone, calming in times of stress, and bringing about a gentle release. Malacholla is a supportive companion stone during times of change or stress, and brings calm. Emotional awareness and balance can be attained by working with Malacholla.


• Chrysocolla is a stone of COMMUNICATION and TRUTH. It is thought that it is a stone to help with calmly accepting changeable situations and aids in impartially speaking your truth with POWER and CONFIDENCE. Chrysocolla is believed to also help extract negative emotions and helps LIFT MOODS when feelings are low.

• Malachite, being a green stone, works with the heart and also the solar plexus chakra. It is thought of as a PROTECTION stone and a CLEANSER from negative forces and energies. This is a stone that is also believed to help with issues concerned with self-worth and FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness towards yourself and to others. It is a stone that encourages you to be KIND towards and committed to being the best you.