Standing Crystal Point - Crystal Towers - Generator Points

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Standing Crystal Point - Crystal Towers - Generator Points

These are sometimes called a Crystal Tower. They can be stones cut into a Crystal Point shape or a natural Crystal Point which is cut at the base to allow it to stand up. Like all points, they direct and focus energies out the termination point. Carved Standing Crystal Points are often cut into Generator Point shapes so they help amplify energy and our intentions.

They can be used to raise the vibration of location. Place them on your altar or within any sacred space. Standing Crystal Points are good for gridding the corners of a room or your home. They also make excellent crystals for the central stone in any crystal grid.

Identifying Features of Generator Crystals

(1) When viewed from above the termination point (the tip of the crystal) will be in the center.

(2) The tips of all six faces must all meet together at the tip of the termination point.

(3) The six faces are usually triangular shapes of similar size but not always.

The Properties & Uses of a Generator Crystal

As their name indicates Generator Crystals Points generate very strong and powerful energies. Generator Crystals enhance the properties of the crystal they are made from. They amplify and project their energies and our intentions out into the Universe. This makes them excellent crystals to use for the central stone in any Crystal Grid. They bring power to an Altar and energy to any room. They help balance Earth energies in a location.

Generator Crystal Points boost energy and enhance all healing work. You can place one under a therapy bed for a crystal healing session or when doing any energy healing work. When worn as a pendant a Generator Crystal amplifies the healing properties of the stone and aligns all your Chakras. Used as a Crystal Healing Wand these crystals help cleanse, balance and align the Chakras.

Generator Crystals replenish low energy levels and help regenerate a weak or drained aura. I have found that they help balance the energies of your Astrological Birth Chart or personal Numerology. They can help align you with your life purpose.