Handcrafted Goddess with Sterling Silver Bells & Gemstone Bead Earrings

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Handcrafted dancing goddess earrings with sterling silver bells.

These earrings have high-grade surgical steel hooks with gorgeous natural gemstone beads and an approximate drop of 7.5-9cm.

AUD $40.00 + Shipping

Custom orders are open; send me a direct message for the beads you would like with your dancing goddesses. 

Pictures 1 Amazonite; 2 Aquamarine & tourmaline; 3 Pink Tourmaline; 4 Chrysoprase & tourmaline 

Gemstones are natural material, they can slightly differ in color, size, and shape and may show some inclusions or cracks inside the stone itself. We do take great care in picking the best quality stones for the best quality jewellery.