Handmade Cloud Mountain Turquoise Ring

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A lovely 19.20ct Cloud Mountain Turquoise stabilised Cabochon by lapidary artist Dusty Williams. Set in sterling silver with a hand-stamped design and gold ball accent. The band has been created with a vintage 900 silver spoon handle that has been hand-stamped with Western-style stamps. Size 9. 

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When you wear natural turquoise you feel stabilized and strengthened, able to live and speak from your authentic heart center of power and form. The Hopi, Lakota, and Navajo all view turquoise as a talisman of wealth and prosperity. In Native American tribes, it is carried during vision questing to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit during spiritual exploration.

Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Chakra: Throat

Element: Earth

Gemstones are natural material, they can slightly differ in color, size, and shape and may show some inclusions or cracks inside the stone itself. We do take great care in picking the best quality stones for the best quality jewellery.