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How the Angel Caller Harmony Chime Pendants work:

Harmony Chime Ball Pendant Necklaces have been used for centuries by pregnant women and are still currently used today. A Harmony Ball contains a small bell-like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, not unlike the sound of wind charms in a very soft breeze. The pregnancy harmony balls are generally worn on very long necklace chains so that the harmony ball itself rests near or on the swollen abdomen of the pregnant woman. It is said that the unborn baby will hear the soft chimes sound coming from the harmony ball. The soft chiming sound is said to soothe the unborn baby, call upon the guardian angels, and can even have calming effects on the mother-to-be.

Harmony balls are now no longer only beneficial for the pregnant woman - so many women in today’s hectic fast-paced world enjoy the calming effect of the subtle soothing chime sounds emanating from their harmony ball necklace. They are also simply stunning jewellery pieces to wear.

The harmony chime ball is placed into a Stainless steel ornate cage with a 60cm chain.

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A harmony ball is a lovely piece of jewelry. It is essentially a chime pendant, so when you move, it emits a soft audible chime that soothes the wearer. Inside the ball, it works like a tiny metal xylophone, with a little metal ball that bounces around to create soothing chimes.