Pi Stone Donut Stone Necklace

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Pi stones have a hole in the middle and are round in shape. Donut stones are another name for them. Pi stones are a representation of your spiritual bodies, and the energy universe has to offer. They depict your light and brilliant energy field symbolically. A pi-stone serves as a portal, a trans-dimensional gateway to the energies you are tapping when using these rites, to transmit the Munay-Ki.

Green Aventurine with small carnelian bead on a cord. Three varieties available. 

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History Of PI Stone Donuts Gemstone -
In many cultures, the Pi-Stone is symbolic of the continual evolutionary cycle of creation, balance, karma, and healing. During Inca Shaman initiations, they were the tool to convey Munay Ki Rites. Their geometric shape known as Torus represents the sun's circular path through the sky. Similar to Stones and Crystals, Pi stones are energy keys and stargates, while the hole in the middle symbolizes the total oneness principle. It represents the eternal unity of all things and the life, death, and rebirth cycle.