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When you think of a crystal, what is the 1st thing that comes to mind? For many, it might be a crystal ball. A crystal, carved and polished into the shape of a sphere, can be a powerful conductor of energy. The sphere is the perfect shape and the shape of our mother Earth. This shape allows the crystal to radiate energy in every direction at once. This is probably why a crystal ball is always been such a staple image when it comes to crystals. A crystal in the shape of a sphere has boundless potential and this is...

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While some gemstones have been deeply rooted in myths and legends throughout human history, others have only been recently discovered. Regardless, all these precious and non-precious stones possess unique beauty and significant meaning. In fact, many gemstones are thought to hold special powers and bring about certain fortune for those who wear them. THIS IS A LIST GEMSTONES AND THE MEANING BEHIND EACH ONE. Ruby is traditionally red and is symbolic of courage, life force, and passion. Amethyst is a myriad of colors with purple predominantly and is renowned for protection, cleansing, and healing. Emerald is known for its rich...

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Found along the shores of Michigan's beaches, syenite rock rich with fluorescent sodalite (Yooperlite) isn't your typical stone. Though easily mistaken for other igneous rocks, when exposed to UV light- bright pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges glow in veins and crystals around the syenite clasts. In the presence of long-wave UV light, the Yooperlite will glow red-orange or pink, and when placed under short-wave UV light, the sodalite glows orange or yellow-orange. Yooperlite is the name given to this mineral after it was brought to the world's attention by avid beach-combing agate collector, Erik Rintamaki, in 2018. "Yooper" is a...

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