Malachite is a stunning crystal of power

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Malachite is a stunning crystal of power

Malachite is a stone that everyone needs in their life. Not only is it gorgeous, soaked in history, and hardworking when it comes to making you feel great, but it's also a true companion stone. For those who are tired of feeling vulnerable out there and are sick of sub-consciously resisting the flow of change, think of Malachite as your sword and shield. It's always ready to show you what you need to know but does it in such a nurturing way that good vibes will suddenly just start to follow you around. Who doesn’t want more joy, more beauty, and the simple pleasure of feeling cared for? Thanks for all you do Malachite.

Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral. It is part of the monolithic crystal system and has a silky luster. Malachite is often used as an ore of copper. It has an opaque transparency and sometimes has a patterned surface. Malachite is a rich shade of green and its meaning is transformation and positive change.

The Historical Uses of Malachite

  • Loved by the Greeks and the Egyptians
  • Used as a protective gem
  • Mined in Russia, Australia, The Congo, and Australia  

Hypnotic green swirls and a rich azurite mixture make the healing gemstone of Malachite pop. This dark emerald and glorious stone can send our imaginations shooting to forests of velvet green, soft spring days, lush mountains, and cool running waters. It is a stone that takes its name from the Greek word for malakos – meaning soft. While it is a stone that holds its strength, Malachite is a heart opener which may relate to how the Greeks came to gift this stone with its gentle title.

The Greeks weren’t the only ones to fall for this swirled green stone, the Egyptians too were smitten and would often mine the green gem of the earth from the mines of Suez as far back as 4000 BC. Ever fans of the ornate and eye-catching, the Egyptians found a thousand uses for Malachite - from grounding it down to pigment for Cleopatra inspired eye shadow to adorning their wrists and necks with gleaming gems. As time ticked into the middle ages, Malachite hadn’t fallen by the wayside or lost its magic. It was taken by healers who soothe stomach ailments and to protect against curses and negative energies. To this very day, Malachite is still used in this protective way.

Malachite may have been uncovered in Egyptian mines, but the travelers stone can be found in all corners of the globe. From the snows of Russia to the crackling sun-scorched earth of Australia, Malachite has been pulled from the ground. Unsurprisingly, it is also found in some of the world’s most lush, earthly, and spiritual destinations like the depths of the Amazon Jungle and the near-vertical slopes of the Congo.

Having collected all the wisdom of the ages and the energy of the earth, Malachite is here to help us in times of transformation. For those ever ready to embrace new leaps or clinging to the edge of something, Malachite gifts you the strength to prune your inner branches and say yes to new growth.

Zodiac: Scorpio and Capricorn
Element: Earth 
Chakra: Heart & Throat

A guardian of the heart, a healer of broken bones and blood pressure, and a protector from the toxic flow of negative energy – Malachite is a busy stone. Green color gemstones always seem to have super strength powers and love connecting to the heart chakra. Malachite is no exception, and with its energetic properties, it does an amazing job in encouraging you to let go of old traumas and patterns and to step outside your comfort zone.

Like many of the light and dark green stones, Malachite is predominantly a heart chakra stone. When our heart chakras are blocked we struggle to show the full spectrum of our love and to let others in to share the gorgeous nature of our souls. Malachite goes straight to work on the heart chakra, removing the blocks so that beauty can flow. It doesn’t stop at the heart either, Malachite works across the chakras, strengthening your Solar Plexus Chakra so you are able to feel grounded and brimming with vitality. It’s a chi stirrer of a stone that’s for sure. It also taps into your Third Eye Chakra, where our infinite wisdom and our deepest intuition sit. When our Third Eye is clear to open, it means that we are leaping higher spiritually and that’s when magic can be manifested and psychic visions even have a chance to seep in.

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  • Wear for energy and protection
  • Place in the home to stop negative energy entering

Strong, vibrant, and a welcome pop of color to any outfit or room, Malachite is always a welcome force in life. It’s an incredible stone for meditation, it’s amazing when chosen as gemstone jewelry, and it looks great when woven into any kind of Feng Shui home design.

Amp up the energy of your Malachite stone by pairing it with other stones that complement its nature. Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla love to be in the company of Malachite, as does Tourmaline and Hematite. The latter two stones are extremely well known in crystal healings for being as powerfully protective as a coat of armour. Agate is another great stone for hanging out with Malachite and together they form a powerful life-giving elixir for the immune system.

  • Cleanse with water
  • Charge with plants and earth

All healing gemstones love to be cleansed and recharged now and then, especially Malachite as it’s hard work trying to tend to all those negative vibes. Keeping your Malachite cleansed is simple, effective, and ensures it stays at the very top of its power game. All it calls for is some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to remove the traces. Wash your Malachite every few weeks or after a particularly taxing day or week if you feel the need. Keeping it cleansed will keep the stone happy and those vibrations riding high.

If you feel your Malachite stone could use a little pick me up then you can recharge it in a few ways. Malachite loves nature and it craves the kiss of earth from time to time. Place it in the garden, beneath a tree, or even bury it in the earth for a night to let it soak up Mother Nature’s spirit. If you prefer to keep it clean, then you can also place it with some geode crystal clusters to amp its energy back up or leave it in sun or moonlight for a few hours. If placing in sunlight, don’t leave it too long as this may lead to the vibrant hues fading. Never use salt on your Malachite stone as this can damage the smooth texture.