Vintage Crete Itanos Silver Coin c 320-270 AC Cufflinks

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Rare find to have 2 of these coins, set carefully into silver cufflink frames. 

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Type: Hemidrachm

Date: c. 320-270 AC.

Mint name / Town : Itanos

Metal: silver

Diameter: 15mm

Orientation dies: 12 p.m.

Weight: 3.37g. 

Rarity: R2.

Obverse legend: Anepigraph

Obverse description: Head of Athena on the left, wearing the Attic helmet with decorated triple crest

Reverse description: Eagle standing left, head right; behind in field right, Triton swimming left, holding trident Reverse legend: ITANIWN Reverse translation: (from the Italians)

Copy on a small flan perfectly centered on both sides. Very beautiful realistic portrait of Athena. Fine style reverse.

From my research:

Obverse Description:

Head of Athena left wearing Attic helmet with decorated triple crest.

Reverse Description:

Eagle standing left, turning head right; behind in field to right, Triton swimming to left, holding trident.


This type seems much rarer than the general works suggest. 

Historical Background:CRETE - Itanos (IV - III century BC) Itanos was situated at the eastern tip of the island of Crete. It is mentioned by Herodotus (IV, 151) and Ptolemy (III, 17, 4) near the cap that bears his name (now Plaka). The city seems to have played a role from the beginning of the fourth century and the second half of the third century. She found herself confronted with other cities of Crete, and in particular Praisos Hierypytna. The city had the great temple of Zeus Diktaios.