Vintage Spoon & Fork Flatware Jewellery

One of my loves:

Handcrafted Wearable Art - Jewellery created from Vintage flatware and semi-precious and precious stones.

I love creating pieces of wearable art, jewellery that makes your heart skip when it sees you and you see it. My other passions are crystals and opals; these are a natural, but delicate gift from our amazing earth.

I have always had a passion for up-cycling and using all parts of vintage flatware to create jewellery pieces that are unique and functional to wear. Something about the history of the flatware excites me to the point of spending hours researching the maker's marks of a piece before it is transformed into that one-of-a-kind gift just waiting for the right owner.

My adoration for Jewellery started young, I sometimes think it is genetic as my mother loved her jewellery and we would often spend hours looking through her collection and discussing the stones and metals used and where the piece originated. I found it fascinating and still do.

Though I have been a Secondary school teacher for 30+ years my passion for jewellery never waned. Moving to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in 2019 provided me with the opportunity to explore my love for jewellery further. I completed a silver-smith course and dabbled in lapidary and have slowly set up my studio to develop my passions further.

I hope you enjoy my collection as I do. Toni

Just some of the Brand Names I acquire:

Camusso, Reed & Barton, EPNS, Towle Old Master, Web, Lundt, Tiffany & Co, Grosvenor, GARDENIA 1941 WM. ROGERS & SON INTERNATIONAL, Bordini Montagnani, Latham & Owen Ltd.

Note about our flatware jewelry: These are handmade from Vintage silverware - spoons/forks, butter knives, knives, napkin rings, and teaspoons therefore they may show some wear or imperfections. Some signs of a previous life may be visible.

Gothic Ring, Witchy Ring, Talon Ring, Statement Ring, Witchy Aesthetics, Boho Ring, Hippie ring, Teaspoon Ring, Flatware Ring, Silverware Ring