Aquaprase and Green Sapphire Ring

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Aquaprase™ is the newest gem discovery on earth and the first new gemstone discovery of the 21st Century. This new variety of Chalcedony (microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz), Aquaprase displays colors, patterns and variations in transparency entirely unlike other varieties of Chalcedony. Each and every stone is entirely unique – patterns are not repetitive! - giving each stone its own power and personality.

Gorgeous 2.55ct oval Aquaprase Cabochon complimented with a 0.15ct green sapphire set in a handcrafted sterling silver textured ring. A comfortable Size 9.

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In 2013, Legendary gem explorer Yianni Melas discovered a new and unique gem in Africa, a previously undiscovered deposit of blue-green chalcedony.   Melas recognized something special and different about the stone, something unlike any other variety of chalcedony he had seen in his lifetime.

Various opinions about the true nature of the stone had previously been expressed by miners and others who saw it. Some suggested it was Chrysoprase, others even surmised it may be Opal. After several years of studying the discovery, Melas submitted samples to several gem labs, including the Gemological Institute of America. 

After intensive study and testing by the lab, Melas received a call confirming that he had, in fact, found “something incredible.”  It was NOT a Chrysoprase or Opal. The lab informed Melas that his discovery was a new type of chalcedony that had never been seen by the lab before.

Melas was informed that he had the opportunity to actually name the discovery of this new gem. Because the blue-green color of the gem reminded him of the lush, verdant vegetation as well as the cool blue of the Aegean Sea near his homeland in Greece, Melas wanted a name that was reminiscent of those natural surroundings.  After all, the color of Aquaprase is entirely natural – no treatments or enhancements are applied to it. The name Aquaprase was born and trademarked. 

The exact color of Aquaprase is associated with the throat chakra, higher levels of communication and the pure energy of expression. Aquaprase is a unification of the sea, clouds and the sand. A powerful feeling of calm, peace and centeredness comes from this balance.

Aquaprase has a strong connection with the sea, and its subtle color shifts are like the fluid flow of water and clouds. Already healers are speaking of its abilities to transform negativity and bring harmony to the equilibrium of the body, mind and spirit. Tap into the peaceful tranquility of Aquaprase and its mystical properties of healing.

Chakra: Throat

Zodiac: Gemini

Element:  water, earth