Unisex Bracelet Varieties

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Handcrafted using a variety of beads including; moonstone, labradorite, Ethiopian black opal, wooden beads, black onyx, green glass, crystal beads, fluorite crystal beads, sterling silver beads, Tibetan silver spacers, porcelain beads, Malachite, Apatite, glass beads, Rainbow Obsidian, Garnet, blue tigers eye, Carnelian,  Dragons Vein Agate and tribal beads. All handmade with memory wire and stainless steel clasp or silver magnetic clasp; Approx length 21-28cm long.

Large sizes suit men but can be worn by anyone.

Prices vary according to design and materials used.

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Bit of History about Early Bracelets

The wearing of jewelry for adornment and ritual may have started as far back as 7,000 years ago, and archeologists have found evidence that people wore bracelets in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. Early bracelets were made of grasses, slender tree limbs, and shells, then copper and bronze.

Are you interested to learn the history of men’s jewelry? You would be surprised to know that the first items worn by men date back to the Stone Age. Such items were made of fangs, claws, veins, and skin - exclusively natural materials. They reflected the status of their owners and served as a distinctive sign or amulet. Thousands of years have passed since that time, but our ancestors' beliefs and values continue to influence the appearance of jewelry and the ways men wear it. Even new trends, if you look closely, reflect long-forgotten customs.

Average wrist size for men: 15cm-18cm

Average wrist size for women: 13cm-15cm