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Beautiful kambaba jasper worry stones perfect for Stress Relief. Its smooth surface and flat shapes make it a friendly companion for you to carry anywhere at anytime and help you feel relaxed whenever you want.

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Worry stones have been around for centuries—and for good reason. These compact rocks couldn't be easier to keep on hand, ready to grab whenever worry should strike. They're wonderful when you're feeling stressed, soothing to the touch, and an excellent addition to your self-care routine.

A worry stone is a small, smooth stone (often made from a crystal or gemstone) that is shaped like an oval and has a thumb-shaped indentation. The object of worry stones is to rub the thumbprint back and forth as a way to calm the mind.

Through a process called acupressure, rubbing the stones between our fingers or in our palms stimulates the numerous nerve endings. These points called pressure points connect to meridians within our bodies which stimulate aspects of the brain. This allows the release of endorphins, creating a naturally calming and euphoric effect. Coming into the forefront in the alternative medicine communities in the 1970’s, worry stones have increased in popularity, moving into the realm of therapeutic applications specifically for relieving stress, tension and anxiety.