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Palm stones, or crystal touchstones, are one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy that you want to attract. Simply holding a touchstone creates a powerful shift in your emotional state. It gives you a moment to calm the mind and tap into the healing vibrations of the earth. But there are more ways to use crystal touchstones than you probably realize.

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If you’re new to using touchstones, we always recommend carrying your touchstone in a pocket or purse. This helps you to stay in sync with the energy of your intention. Use your touchstone as an energetic check on your emotions. Its energy acts as a guide, encouraging you to elevate your perspective, and take a more mindful approach to your day. Once you get the hang of that, begin incorporating other ways to use crystal touchstones in your daily practice. Whether you are looking to meditate, set an intention, ground your energy or sleep easier at night, you can use a touchstone to assist your goals. Not sure how to use palm stones? Improve your wellbeing and daily life with these 8 ways to use your palm stones!

8 Ways to Use Palm Stones

First, let’s get clear on the touchstone that your spirit needs. Here a few of our favourite ways palm stones to pair with your intention:

Pair Your Touchstone with Your Intention

If You Want New Beginnings + Transformations, You Need…

  • Labradorite—With the energy of a Labradorite Touchstone in hand, you can blaze a trail toward your true destiny.
  • Black Moonstone—By connecting with a Black Moonstone Touchstone, you can release the energy of the past and create a new beginning.
  • Flower Agate—Flower Agate Touchstones remind you that it’s okay to go out and smell the roses! This zest for life spurns on positive change and the search new opportunities.
  • Bumble Bee Jasper—Mined from inside an active volcano, Bumble Bee Jasper is the ideal stone for anyone looking to make fast change in their lives. It ignites your sense of adventure while burning away fear and self-imposed limitations.

If You Want Peace + Relaxation, You Need…

  • Angelite—An Angelite Touchstone emits the gentle, reassuring vibes that you need to calmly guide your spirit through difficult moments.
  • Ocean Jasper—Bring in the tide of high vibes and positivity with Ocean Jasper.

If You Want Passion, You Need…

  • Carnelian—Empower your spirit to seek more out of life with vibrant energy of a Carnelian Touchstone.
  • Sunstone—Let your Sunstone Touchstone encourage you to face your fears and pursue your dreams with confidence.

If You Want Protection, You Need…

  • Smoky Quartz—Smoky Quartz Touchstones purify the mind of negative thoughts, like self-doubts and judgements, to help you focus on making positive changes.  
  • Black Opal—Think of this Black Opal Touchstone as your personal energy bouncer! It blocks negative vibes so that you can have peace of mind.

If You Want Abundance, You Need…

  • Iolite—Iolite Touchstones motivate you to break out of self-limiting patterns, and make new choices that offer greater rewards!
  • Apatite—If an apathetic attitude is killing your drive, jumpstart your appetite for life with an Apatite Touchstone. Blue apatite pushes your spirit to go out and conquer your wish lists.
  • Garnierite—Garnierite Touchstones works to open your heart and break down walls you've put up so you can manifest from your heart space instead of your head space. 
  • Pyrite—for helping you to exude the golden energy of wealth, and thereby attract that energy in return!

Meditating With Palm Stones

Transitioning into a mindful state of clarity isn’t always easy. Meditation is a beneficial practice for both your physical and mental wellbeing, but often, people give up on their practice. They find it difficult to sit still and focus. That’s where crystals for meditation can help. Crystals cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts or doubts so that you can fully immerse yourself in meditation. To calm the mind and elevate your energy, touchstones are an essential tool.

A touchstone in each hand creates a sense of balance. The way the touchstone fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, gives you something to grip and focus on as you invite in positive energy. For meditating with touchstones, we suggest using:

  • Hematite—to ground and focus your energy
  • Smoky Quartz—to release negativity and establish clarity
  • Agate—to bring balance, strength and emotional stability
  • Amethyst—to boost your intuition and purify the mind
  • Selenite—to cleanse and uplift your energy
  • Clear Quartz—to cleanse and amplify your energy

Each of these stones will connect with your spirit to ground, focus and centre your energy. Remember, even taking 5 minutes to breathe and get centred in silent meditation provides a lasting impact on your spirit. It’s one of the best ways to use crystal touchstones to improve your mood and spirit. Discover all the ways to use crystals in meditation on our blog.

Restful Sleep with Palm Stones

When you have difficulty sleeping, a number of things can be disturbing your rest. Whether you have too many thoughts running through your mind, or you can’t seem to settle your energy, touchstones can bring you the peace you need to sleep easy. Our favourite touchstone suggestions for sleep are:

To use your touchstone for sleep, either set your touchstone next to you on your nightstandhold it in your hand as you sleep or place it under your pillow.

Exercising With Palm Stones

Sometimes you just need an energetic push to boost your exercise routine to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are beginning your exercise practice, or if you looking to excel your advanced workout, you can use touchstones to achieve your endurance goals. These are the best ways to use crystal touchstones for exercise:

  • Red Jasper—to stir up strength and endurance
  • Tiger’s Eye—for willpower and courage
  • Bloodstone—for endurance and energy

To use your touchstone for exercise, either hold it in your hand in a pre-workout meditation or hold it in your hand as you run for a continuous surge of energy + endurance.

Protection Palm Stones

We all need to feel like we are safe and protected from negative energy. Carrying a touchstone for protection will absorb the negative energy that others put out, so that you don’t have to. When you take your protection touchstones with you, you feel shielded all day long. Our go-to touchstones for protection are:

  • Black Tourmaline—to protect you spirit and space
  • Pyrite—for deflecting negative energy away from your spirit

To use your protection touchstones, you can carry them in your pocket or purse, or have one in your car for protection while you drive. Find out more ways to protect your spirit and space by reading our blog on using crystals for protection.

Journaling With Palm Stones

Journaling is a therapeutic method for releasing pent up emotions. It’s a healthy way to vent, write out your dreams or ambitions, and gain perspective. Add an extra dose of mindfulness to your journaling practice by holding the energy of a touchstone as you write. These touchstones encourage you to breakthrough self-judgements, and express your truth.

  • Iolite—for recognizing when you need to break patterns
  • Blue Lace Agate—for honest and authentic self-expression
  • Labradorite—for heightened perspective, and recognizing the positive lessons within every situation

Self-Love and Forgiveness

Two of the most important energies that you can fill your spirit with are self-love and forgiveness. Remind yourself that you deserve moments to rejuvenate the soul with touchstones for self-love. When you are being too critical of yourself, allow the energy of a forgiveness touchstone to cleanse you of those judgements. Tap into the energies by holding these touchstones close:

  • Rose Quartz—to attract and emit loving energy
  • Carnelian—for confidence and self-worth
  • Rhodonite—for forgiveness and self-love

Palm Stones for Study

If you’ve hit a wall while studying, take a restorative study break with the energy of a touchstone. Crystals for study will help you get back into the zone with heightened focus. Shake off the fog of mental exhaustion with these stones for enhancing mental drive. Even a few minutes of peaceful connection with these stones will help you return to your work feeling rejuvenated. With this state of mind, you’ll be ready to retain information and ace that test! Here are some of our recommended touchstones for study.

  • Azurite—for elevating mental cognizance and focus
  • Amethyst—for purifying the mind, raising awareness and enabling better decision making


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