Benefits and Purpose of Sun Catchers

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Benefits and Purpose of Sun Catchers

I love hand making unique crystal and sun catcher window hangers. Our Sun Catchers are all one-of-a-kind pieces made with premium grade K9 crystal prism balls and teardrops. I have incorporated natural crystals wrapped in sterling silver or copper/brass, beads and mixed metals, leather and mini carabiner.

These multi faceted crystals pull in bouncing light energy into our home and create unexpected patterns of color light beams. Its radiant charm can help align the energy of our home by intentionally opening us up to a variety of energetic possibilities (like the variety of colors in the rainbow spectrum) that might be even more aligned with our desires that we think. 

Luckily, with just one small shift in your home, like hanging up a sun-catcher, you can create a ripple effect of transformation in your life. When you do this, you give your mind a jolt of cleansing and movement, subconsciously inspiring you to make shifts & take major action in your life. 


  • It can activate positive energy or break up negative energy.

  • They can help balance areas that lack light and color.

  • The multidimensional light can calm or balance out areas with too much chaotic energy (clutter)

  • You can cure particular energies in the home with the accent crystals on your sun-catcher, if the string has several small rose quartz crystals, it can be used as a feng shui love cure.


  • In a dark corner that easily accumulates stagnant energy

  • In a long narrow hallway with little or no light

  • In an area of your house with too much chaotic energy, such as a small space with too many doors

  • In a missing corner, to help anchor energy and complete the missing corner

  • Over a desk or other work area to improve concentration & opportunities. (especially if your back is facing a door opening when sitting at your desk, you need one)

No matter what you need, crystal sun-catchers are the best. They will pretty much transform and amplify the energy in your space. Plus, they make rainbows in your home sparkle all over the walls which if you have little ones, they absolutely love it!