Sustainable Practices

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Sustainable Practices

♻️🌏🌳one of things I have always done even from childhood is reuse ♻️ recycle and try not to waste anything. We used to collect cans as kids to earn small change. That was almost 50 years ago.

Growing up in a family with 6 kids, my parents always taught me not to waste anything. This stayed with me even as an educator, teaching Outdoor Environmental Studies. Teaching our future the importance of caring for the environment whilst enjoying the outdoors. 

Today in my new passion I still reuse, recycle and even up-cycle. This post shows the scrap silver, then the melted ingots (which are very rough) then the rolled silver and finally a back plate and ring. All of this from scraps on my bench.

I quite like the raw look of the silver I have melted and forged myself. It gives me a greater sense of creativeness and satisfaction making a piece from raw products. 

We have several items made using hand forged silver online now, and there will be many more to come.