Ammonite Multi Gem Cuff Bracelet

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Two of my loves combined in this colourful ammonite cuff bracelet.

Using a Vintage “D” monogrammed Treasures solid sterling silver spoon and a round inlaid multi-gem ammonite. I created this unique bracelet with the addition of a sterling silver Belcher link chain, 925 lobster clasp, and a cute ammonite charm.

The ammonite is 25 x 6mm and the bracelet weighs 28g. 

AUD $359.00 + shipping

The word ammonite is derived from Ammon, an Egyptian god who took the form of a ram. Ammonites are similar in appearance to a ram's horn.

As Ammonite and Ammolite are essentially the same, one being the fossil and the other being the shell of the fossil, they have the similar healing qualities.

Psychologically ammonite stimulates your survival instincts and the knowledge that you will get there if you persevere. ​Ammonite encourages you to seek and achieve personal power in your life.

​Feng Shui masters call Ammonite the seven color prosperity stone. It is believed that it stimulates the flow of qi, life force through the body.

This stone is exceedingly fortunate and it is suggested that you keep one in your home to bring wealth, health, vitality, and happiness.

Element: Earth

Chakra: Earth Star, Base