Handmade Bumblebee Jasper Earrings

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Bright bumblebee jasper cabochons 40 x 20 x 3mm from Indonesia. Handcrafted into earrings using a textured copper back plate, brass honeycomb bezel, and copper castellated bezel from Jeff Klein and copper hooks with a drop of 60mm. Oxidised to bring out the patterns.

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Common Healing Properties of Bumblebee Jasper:

  • Energizes you
  • Promotes complete happiness and joy
  • Encourages the celebration of life’s small moments
  • Promotes honesty (especially with yourself)
  • Helps you achieve your dreams
  • Frees blocked energy from the body
  • Stimulates mental activity
  • Relieves symptoms of allergies
  • Facilitates triumph over the seemingly impossible
Colors: Swirls of yellow, bright orange, black, and gray.

Chakra: 1st (Root), 2nd (Sacral), 3rd (Solar Plexus)

Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini

Elements: Earth, Fire