Handmade Chrome Diopside Sterling Silver Ring

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If making a connection to Mother Gaia is your desire, Diopside will help you achieve it and harmonize your energies. 

All handmade from start to finish, this gorgeous artisan ring features an oval 0.85ct 6x8mm faceted chrome diopside, and solid sterling silver star textured band.

A comfortable Size 9-10 and weighs 3.61g

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Chrome diopside is a high-vibration stone that assists you in receiving the power of love by activating your heart energies. This attractive and healing stone strengthens love, trust, humility, and dedication while promoting the development of your heart chakra.

The deep green color of Chrome Diopside is natural and not enhanced. Chrome Diopside is also known as Siberian Emerald or Green Diopside discovered in 1988.