Heart Shaped Sterling Silver Pet Keepsake.

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Remember your faithful friend with our sterling silver pet Jewellery urn. Beautifully crafted of 925 sterling silver this unique pet memorial locket is handcrafted and features a 2.58ct Pink Rhodolite Heart Shaped Garnet on the front with an angel wing and a hand stamped personalised back with your pets name.

The pendant features a small chamber inside that can hold a portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair, or bit of dried ceremonial flowers. Included is a sterling silver 50cm chain with parrot clasp and handmade paw charm. 

The remains can be placed inside through a small stopper in the top of the pendant. We encourage the use of a modeling glue or epoxy to seal the stopper permanently once the pendant has been filled.

This one is a custom made order  

AUD $195.00 + Shipping

Size: 25mm w x 30mm h