Marnna Molnija - Vintage Russian Pocket Watch

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Mechanical Vintage Pocket Watch made in USSR in the 1970s.

Molnija (Chelyabinsk Watch Factory) – watchmaker from Russia since 1947. The company’s main customer was then the Ministry of Defense of the Soviet Union, providing them with pocket watches and military clocks.

Unique clocks were also produced specifically for use in Soviet tanks, fighter aircraft, submarines, and, eventually, spacecraft.

Molnija’s main product is mechanical pocket watches with military, religious, and historical motifs. About 80% of the work on most of the watches is done by hand. Some Molnija movements are used in oversized men’s wristwatches. Molnija is the Russian word for lightning.Vintage Russian mechanical pocket watch Molnija. 18 jewels. Case size approx. 50 mm, dial diameter 38 mm, case thickness 16 mm. Very nice decorated case. The front and back covers have a garden flower motif looking similar to Fleur de Lis with a daisy atop. 

Please note - mechanical watches run without batteries, watches use mechanical movement to measure the passage of time. The watch is in good working order. The movement is mechanical and needs to be wound every 24 hours. Perfect vintage gift for men or collector. I have placed a video of the working watch on Instagram.