Mixed Metal with Ruby in Kyanite Cuff Bracelet

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Mixed Metal Viking Cuff, with bronze, sterling silver and copper and a lovely high dome ruby in kyanite stone set in a triple bezel of copper, sterling silver fire bezel and mountain design copper outer bezel as the centre piece. 

The cuff is created from 3 separate pieces of 12gauge wire; copper, bronze and sterling silver, twisted then hammered. The top setting with stone measures 25mm wide, and the diameter of the cuff is 70mm and is slightly adjustable, weighing 32.50g in total.

This artisan cuff can be dressed up or dressed down, and worn by anyone.

The Viking mixed metal cuff has been handcrafted by me in our workshop, using a drill to create the twisted wire, a vice, cuff mandrel, rolling mill and more.

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Viking cuffs were important symbols of status, community, family, tribe, loyalty, manhood and love. They were also worn to gain the protection and blessing of their Norse Gods.

Ruby in Kyanite is a unique combination and a rare occurrence containing the beautiful blue colors of the Kyanite and red to purple colors of Ruby. This stone comes from Southern India where Ruby in Fuchsite is also found.

Meaning & Energy
Ruby in Kyanite is a very complex stone that helps one ground and channel higher vibrations into this earthly plane. One's root, solar plexus, throat and third eye chakras will become activated and connected. This will allow one to explore their pineal glands abilities without the fear of straying too far from home (your physical vessel). Your unique psychic abilities will strengthen and begin to change your current mental state. One may notice themselves becoming more aware of their surroundings (especially in the dream realm), as well as conjuring and maintaining a higher tiered (enhanced critical thinking) thought making process. (Crystal Council)

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, Root

Zodiac: Scorpio, Leo, Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, Virgo, Aries, Gemini. 

Element: Wind, Water, Earth.

Science & Origin of Ruby in Kyanite

Ruby in Kyanite is a unique combination mineral that was recently found in southern India. It was discovered in the same location that houses the very attractive Ruby in Fuchsite deposit. Occasionally small veins of all 3 minerals can be found together, thus creating an extremely rare mineral known on the market as Ruby Fuchsite in Kyanite.