Natural Gemstone Beads and Silver Charm Anklet / Bracelet Varieties

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Handmade with genuine gemstone beads, Swarovski crystal beads, and pearls, our anklets can be custom-made with your choice of beads and charms to your individual size and taste. Just send us a DM with all your details or come visit us at Pomona country Market every Saturday 7 am-12 pm.

We use a waxed black thread or memory wire thread with a parrot clasp.

Fluorite, feather, and dragonfly's 27cm L

Citrine and dragonfly charms anklet, 27 cm L. SOLD

Blue Apatite Bead and Sterling silver charm anklet, 27 cm L. SOLD 

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Fluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It also protects against the computer and electromagnetic stress (EMF). Draws negative energies and stress from around you. Purifies and cleans on all levels. This stone overcomes chaos and brings calmness. Electro-Magnetic Fields are also known as EMFs. They are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye.

Fluorite is an excellent healing stone with positive energy around it. Fluorite balances the energy around you and your environment. ... Fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra; it also seems to boost psychic communication and improve spiritual balance. It can help you develop relationships and grow spiritually.

Zodiac: Capricorn 

Chakra: Third Eye

Element: Air

The Citrine crystal stone meaning harnesses the energy of the sun to bring sunshine and light to all areas of your life. Keeping this stone close will help you keep your environment and your energy feeling sunny and bright. Filled with positive energy, you can more easily connect to your inner light, as well as bring a sense of optimism to your endeavors.

Because of its association with the solar plexus chakra, the Citrine crystal meaning is effective in increasing your personal power and self-confidence. Enhancing this energy center can help dissolve blocks and stagnation, resulting in higher energy levels and a boost in overall circulation. Citrine’s bright and happy energy fills your spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations, clearing any blockages or imbalances in your solar plexus chakra with its solar energy. This makes a Citrine crystal ideal for a variety of intentions, including happiness, confidence, manifestation, and wealth.

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Crown

Element: Air

Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.

Zodiac: Gemini

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Element: Wind