Artisan Pink Kunzite Tension Cuff

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This is a stunning oval Pink Kunzite, displaying beautiful pinks and a sheer gloss. It has been handcrafted into a one-of-a-kind statement tension cuff bracelet using 925 sterling silver with a heart textured band and back plate and adorned with a 3D 925 heart charm. 

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In palest pink to light violet hues, it is a Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind. Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection, and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love.  

Chakra: activates the Heart Chakra and aligns it with the Throat and Third Eye

Zodiac: Taurus, Leo & Scorpio

Element: Water

It was in 1902 when Kunzite was first discovered in California. Its name was inspired by George F. Kuntz, a gemologist. This specific gemstone comes from a certain mineral called spodumene. Kunzite is often found in huge sizes of as much as 8 carats.

Difference between Rose Quartz & Kunzite

While Kunzite and Rose Quartz are both purported to be healing crystals, there are drastic differences between the two; one of which is the method of healing that each crystal offers.

If you prefer a gentle, soft, and loving type of healing that is gradual and isn’t earth-shattering, you’re better off using Rose Quartz.

However, if you’re seeking to have more of an awakening or a spiritual opening type of experience, then Kunzite is the crystal you’re looking for.

Rose Quartz is mainly associated with the heart and root chakras, and allows healing to take place by instilling a sense of security and safety.

Kunzite, on the other hand, is associated with the heart, throat and third eye chakras,  it can calm one’s mind as well as one’s emotions, aligning one’s thoughts with balanced feeling.

Kunzite is also able to activate the chakras it’s associated with, and being a high vibrational stone, it packs a lot of power. By allowing you to tune into high vibrational energies, it’s able to form a shroud of protection around your aura, as well as helping you elevate from low vibrational emotions such as sadness, apathy and anger, to higher states of joy, compassion and inner stillness.