Custom made Sapphire Spinner Ring

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Custom made this one for my sisters 60th birthday, happy birthday beautiful sister. Spinner ring finally completed with solid sterling silver @morrisandwatson textured base ring using hearts textured plate @oregontrailsilver through my trusty rolling mill @combinedjs @pepetools_usa and main spinner with a beautiful 0.80ct 7mm Qld Sapphire @gary.wilkie.96 (though the stormy day doesn’t do the sapphire justice) size 10-10.5 This one is off to Victoria NFS

I have several more sapphires if you are interested in a custom order. 

A stone of wisdom and royalty, blue sapphire has divine connections capable of unlocking prophecies. This is a sacred gem that has been featured in the historical folklore of nearly every world religion. Sapphire’s ability to clear the mind and promote truth comes from stimulating the throat chakra and the third eye, allowing you to see more deeply into the physical and spiritual worlds.