Vintage Dancing Flowers & Amethyst Earrings

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Created from beautiful, original Vintage  Grosvenor Dancing Flowers EPNS A1 silver plate teaspoon, I personally handcraft each pair of earrings. Each piece is hand-cut, filed, drilled, and polished. They are just gorgeous and elegant. 

Vintage RODD Dancing Flowers silver plated spoon earrings complimented with chevron amethyst beads and finished with 925 continental clips.

AUD $75.00 + Shipping 

The Earrings measure 9 cm and weigh 19g.

Australian 'Grosvenor' brand cutlery by Mytton Rodd, circa 1930s onwards. 

These are made from vintage silverware & some signs of a previous life may be visible.

~ if you have thin or sensitive ear lobes~ best not to wear anything with weight~