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I love creating pieces of wearable art, jewellery that make your heart skip when it sees you and you see it. My other passions are crystals and opals; these are a natural, but delicate gift from our amazing earth, I have a never-ending collection at home and this has now merged into my online shop and market stalls. Then there is that gorgeous piece of Vintage Estate Jewellery, that unique one-of-a-kind find that you’ve always wished for in your collection.

Three very different yet complimenting aspects of jewellery, some handmade with faceted gems others from raw materials and mixed metals, and then there is the lapidary side of my passion, which has just expanded.

Our Jewellery is available for anyone looking for something unique and sparkly, that gives them a connection to the piece.

Whether you are looking for something handmade in sterling silver, copper, or brass that is dainty or rustic, boho, or a brutalist piece made with a chunky gem, this is the place for you.

Our Estate, Vintage, and Antique pieces have been sourced from all over the world. If you do not see an item you have been looking for here, drop us a message and we will endeavor to source it for you.