MINI Crystal Variety Perfume Bottle Pendants

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These beautiful hand-carved gemstone bottles are one of a kind - each one is different but just as gorgeous. The top of each bottle opens so that you can fill it with your favorite essential oil or perfume.

Unscrew the top of the bottle and fill it with your favorite perfume or essential oil using a dropper to fill it in up.

Measurement: Approx. 40mm x 23mm x 13mm depending on its shape

The top is removable and can hold up to 2ml of your fave scent in the vial inside.

You can pick between the following pendants:

  1. Fluorite - purple/green/yellow
  2. Rose Quartz - pink
  3. Quartz Crystal - clear
  4. Tiger Eye
  5. Blue Goldstone
  6. Obsidian
  7. Amazonite
  8. Lapis 
  9. Flower Agate
  10. Citrine
  11. Ruby in Zoisite
  12. Aventurine 

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Crystals are a natural, but delicate gift from our amazing earth (unless stated otherwise; ie—manmade crystals). Please be aware that there could be natural cracks, rough spots, druzies, or inclusions. If there were to be any flaws, cracks, scratches, and scuffs I always try to be vigilant to make our buyers aware of it before purchasing in the photos and videos that I take.**

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.