Essential Oil Natural Crystal Roller Bottles

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Enhance your Essential oils by infusing them with the power of crystals. These 10ml roller bottles consist of crystal chips that each have their unique properties. Combine the power of your favorite essential oil with the power of gemstones! Fill these cute glass roller bottles with essential oil to take with you on the go!

Use the drop-down to select a roller bottle of your gemstone choice!

Each gemstone roller comes filled with gemstone chips, with a matching gemstone roller ball insert and the cap.

Each roller bottle holds 10 ml of fluid ounces. Essential oils are not included.

AUD $10.00 + Shipping

Listing is for 1 roller bottle. Does not include Essential oil. 10ml refers to the volume capacity of the bottle prior to crystals, when pouring oil keep in mind volume capacity is less than 10ml as crystals are already inside.

Note: See "Healing with Crystals" Blog for more information.