Handmade Vintage Amber Pendants

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We have four vintage amber pendants available.

A gorgeous pear shaped amber with some interesting inclusions, set in sterling silver and suspended by a 40cm made in Italy sterling silver chain. The pendant has a drop of 38mm.

An ornate floral setting with a small oval amber. 45cm Chain

A round sterling silver 3D disc set with 2 round amber. 50cm chain 

And a lovely 3 amber necklace with square amber. 

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Amber stone is not strictly speaking a stone at all but is a fossilized resin. Amber is said to amplify energy so although it isn't a crystal, the fact that its fossilised tree resin that is millions of years old makes it amazing. 

It is neither crystal nor mineral, making it a rarity among gemstones as it is a biological product of nature.


Chakra: Sacral 

Zodiac: Taurus 

Element: Fire