African Jade Frog Figurine

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Gorgeous frog figurine, with beautiful detail made from African jade 

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Power & Benefits of African Jade:

African Jade is sometimes called the skillful negotiator. It promotes action and intuition. It boosts courage, change, insight, spiritual growth, and the development of new skills. It helps make successful business decisions. It helps with the flow of Qi.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

African Jade opens the inner ear, attuning to spirit voices, your Higher Self, and intuition.

It is thought to release blocked energy, taking away drains and giving you more authenticity, patience, and stamina. It is good for dreams, dream recall, and carers. It interprets the noises your body makes when picking up subtle signals. It brings order out of chaos, it clears environmental negativity. African Jade encourages self-sufficiency, skillful negotiation, and as a stone of luck and abundance, it helps you deal with the practicalities of daily life.

Effective if your soul's path entails working in the commercial world to bring in more light and promote ethical decisions, it facilitates business dealings and negotiations that require finesse and acute perceptions of hidden agendas.

The Chakras Connected to African Jade:

Heart Chakra, Root (Base) Chakra. It grounds by opening the Root (Base) Chakra and anchoring it to the core of the planet.

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

The Republic of South Africa. A common alternative name is Buddstone or Verdite.