Pearl, Gemstone Bracelet, and Earring Sets

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Available online we have 3 sets of handcrafted bracelets and earrings, using natural gemstones, pearls, silver findings, and Tibetan Silver Charms. All bracelets have a steel lobster claw clasp and all earrings have 925 continental hooks

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Pearls are unique among gemstones because they don't arise from the depths of the earth but from the sea. They require no special cutting or polishing to maximize their lustrous beauty, which has been treasured since ancient times and ensures that pearl jewelry is always in style.

According to history and myths, pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. The gems are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. ... It is also said that these little gemstones are symbolic of the wearer's loyalty, generosity, integrity, and purity.

The Romans prized them and wore jewelry and clothing embellished with pearls. Wealthy women in medieval Europe enjoyed pearls as a portrayal of authority symbolizing you were a person of great wealth and importance

Their energy is feminine in nature, meaning that they are useful tools to use if you have an excess of Yang or masculine energy in your meridian and chakra systems. Pearls can be used to access the wisdom of the Goddess in many moon rituals and also in manifestation work.


Pink and Peach pearls both fall under the same color as Pink/Peach.

Meaning of Pink Pearls: Pink and Peach pearls represent love, romance, passion, kindness, compassion, loyalty, and happiness.