Rosarita Stone & Kingman Turquoise Ring

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Beautiful blood red Rosarita Stone combined with a Kingman Turquoise set in sterling silver and fine silver gallery wire bezel. The ring is adorned with 2 silver droplets and the band is made from a Vintage made in Germany 835 silver sugar tongs. The cabochons teardrop cut and the Rosarita is 11.45ct - Kingman Turquoise 13.20ct The base plate is textured and the ring is a size 8.5.

This is a spectacular statement ring with a length of 56mm x 16mm width.

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The term Rosarita comes from the red slag glass that was created in early Alaskan gold refining processes, which used beach sand and flux to bring the impurities (gold), to the surface. While the term Rosarita is loosely used in the lapidary industry, most modern versions do not come from the original gold refining process that originally created the material, hence, does not contain gold or any traces of it. Today, many cabochon cutters use the term as a title for most slag glass created in different refining processes. Slag glass comes in just about every color. The most valuable and most used is red without any variations in color.

The Kingman Turquoise Mine is one of the oldest and highest producing Turquoise Mines in America. It was originally discovered by prehistoric Indians well over 1000 years ago. Kingman Turquoise is known for its beautiful sky blue color and produces many variations of blue Turquoise.

When you wear natural turquoise you feel stabilized and strengthened, able to live and speak from your authentic heart center of power and form. The Hopi, Lakota, and Navajo all view turquoise as a talisman of wealth and prosperity. And in Native American tribes, it is carried during vision questing to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit during spiritual exploration.

Zodiac:  Sagittarius 

Chakra: Throat

Element: Earth