Stichtite in Serpentine "Atlantisite" Heart Cuff

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A gorgeous Stichtite in Serpentine "Atlantisite" Heart cabochon by lapidary artist Tim Barney set into one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, a handcrafted wrist cuff. 

The heart is set in a shadowbox with silver dust and oxidized, using .999 silver bezels on a heart textured 925 backplate, the cuff is also heart textured.

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Atlantisite is the name given to a powerful stone that combines Stichtite and Serpentine. This crystal is also commonly referred to as Tasmanite, due to some of the very first known pieces coming out of Tasmania. The Atlantisite that comes out of South Africa is designated “Stichtite-Serpentine” but is no different than Tasmanite or Atlantisite. This mineral color ranges from very pale green to dark ivy green with purple spots of Stichtite throughout. Atlantisite is on the rarer side of gems and is one of the most powerful forms of Serpentine, next to Infinite.

Atlantisite combines the earthly powers of Serpentine, with the loving and compassionate energies of Stichtite. Both Serpentine and Stichtite stimulate kundalini energy and link the crown and heart chakras together. The Serpentine works to emanate healing vibrations from the heart, and awaken dormant energies that have been at rest for way too long. (The Crystal Council)

Zodiac: Virgo, Libra 

Chakra: Heart, Crown

Element: Earth