Thors Hammer Pendant

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Embrace the power of ancient Norse traditions with this striking 316L stainless steel Mjolnir pendant, a quintessential piece of Viking jewelry.

Probably one of the most famous weapons in Norse mythology, Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor. the Mjöllnir would return to his hands like a boomerang whenever thrown at an enemy. It is used both as a weapon of destruction and an instrument that provides blessings to those who wish to receive favor from Thor.

At its top, the Vegvisir design navigates your journey and named after Huginn and Muninn, Old Norse deities of thought and memory, two ravens elegantly adorn this piece, symbolizing Odin's world-traveling informants. 

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This Viking necklace, complete with a 24-inch/60cm stainless steel wheat chain, is more than just an accessory—it's a statement of strength, resilience, and an affinity for the mystical allure of Viking lore.

  • Size: Height 5cm, Width 3.6cm
  • Chain length: 60 cm, diameter: 5 mm
  • Weight: about 40 g 

  Stainless steel
  High-quality materials
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