Vintage Espresso Spoon Ring

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Cute up-cycled vintage flatware, love making jewellery with these old finds. This Vintage Espresso Spoon Ring is a size 8.5. Displays a cute flower on the handle, made in Italy with a high polish.

Vintage Espresso Floral Spoon design on the handle and ornate markings. Stamped Italy on the back of the scoop, up-cycled into a wrap ring. Send me a message for the size you would like -made to order - only 1 left. These are a rare find, I’ve done my research and have not seen any design like this anywhere on the internet or social media such as Pinterest.

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Made in Montagnani, Italy in a factory located there that was founded in 1871 by a man named Giovani. They are cast brass and plated in silver. They made large serving pieces as well as the souvenir spoons you have. When they are stamped with Italy on them this means they were made after 1891 the factory closed in 1918 due to World War They always made very elaborate designs of statues and art pieces that were located in Italy as well as animals and angels. (found info Just Answer antiques)

These are made from vintage silverware & some signs of a previous life may be visible.