Handmade Colbaugh Composite Kingman Turquoise & Pink Opal Ring

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Beautiful 43ct Colbaugh Composite Kingman Turquoise & Pink Opal cabochon set in sterling silver and fine silver gallery wire bezel. The ring is adorned with 14 silver droplets and a triple sideband. The cabochon is marquise cut and a whopping 53 x 15mm in size. The base plate is textured and the ring is a size 7.5-8.

AUD $295.00 + Shipping

The Colbaugh family has the longest history of mining, processing, cutting, and selling Kingman turquoise in the world.

The Family name is synonymous with its product that has been mined since 1962.

Kingman Turquoise & Pink Opal + Bronze from Kingman Turquoise Colbaugh.