Handcrafted Gemstone Witch Jewellery

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Handcrafted rock quartz and citrine gemstone earrings with Tibetan silver pentagram and crescent moon. These earrings have a drop of 6.5cm and have 925 hooks. 

The pendant is made with a golden glass bead and rock quartz gemstone bead with pentagram and has a 45cm stainless steel chain. 

Citrine bead bracelet 18cm with pentagram and extension chain.

Earrings AUD $35.00 + shipping 

Pendant $45.00 + shipping 

Bracelet AUD $39.00 + shipping 

Clear Quartz: This is an absolute MUST-have for any witch. If you are only going to have one crystal, this is the one to have. Quartz is the most versatile of crystals, and it is able to do just about everything you need. It boosts the powers of other materials like herbs and other crystals, focuses and directs energy, especially quartz points, and can be used for protection balancing, meditation, and dispelling negative energy.

Citrine: Citrine is a yellow/orange variety of quartz and, like clear quartz, is very powerful. It is second on my list because it is well-known for its cleansing ability and can be used to cleanse you, your magical tools, other crystals, or even to diffuse a situation or disturbance in your home such as nightmares. Furthermore, it can be used to enhance psychic ability, making it a great companion to divination.