Handmade Matrix Opal and Emerald Ring

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One natural Australian Matrix Opal from Winton QLD displaying greens, blues, purple, and a touch of red and yellow.

The boulder opal weighs 7.75ct and is carved into a heart and is a flat cabochon.

This gorgeous Opal is set into a handmade ring using a vintage sterling silver spoon and a sterling silver bezel with a closed back. It is complimented with a 0.86ct pear-shaped Zambian Emerald.

Size 8.5 and slightly adjustable.

AUD $425.00 + Shipping

Opal stimulates originality and dynamic creativity, it helps in accessing and expressing your true self. Opal is absorbent and reflective. It picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and then sends them back. Opal is a karmic stone sending you the message "What you put out there comes back to you threefold".

The opal is a representative of justice and is a protective stone in dangerous places. Opal has always been associated with love and passion. It can also act as an emotional stabilizer.

Zodiac: Boulder opal is the zodiac stone for Cancer, Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio, and it is the astrological gemstone for the sign of Virgo.

Chakra: Boulder opal channels projective energy that can benefit all chakras.

Element: Boulder opal is assigned to the element of fire, although it can enhance all of the elements. 

Caring for your Opal Jewelry

Here are some simple but important things to keep your opal jewelry looking its best

This opal is a Solid Natural Opal and will not be affected by water.
Oils and face creams will not damage your opal jewelry, but a build-up of these products may reduce its shine and clarity.
Avoid constant abrasives, scrapes, or a hard knock as this could damage your opal jewelry.
Most of all enjoy your opal jewelry.