Heliodor 8mm Bead Earrings with 925 Elephants

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Pretty 925 Earrings handcrafted with genuine 8mm Heliodor beads, 925 elephant  charms and Swarovski Crystals, love these, simple and elegant designs. 

AUD $75.00+ shipping 

Heliodor is a golden yellow stone that was first discovered at Rossing, Erongo, Western Namibia in 1910. Heliodor is a form of beryl, and is actually the most brilliant form of all the beryls. Because of the stone’s unusually vibrant yellow color, it was given the name heliodor, from the Greek words helios and doron, meaning, gift from the sun.

Chakra: Solar plexus 

Zodiac: Leo, Gemini 

Element: Air