French Bulldog Crystal Carvings - Figurines

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How cute is this little guy?; Natural Black Obsidian French Bulldog Carving.

Dimensions: 100mm x 60mm x 70mm, 360-380g. These large obsidian bulldogs are $95.00

From AUD $49.00 + Shipping

Also available in Ocean Jasper and Howlite.  

Crystals are a natural, but delicate gift from our amazing earth (unless stated otherwise; ie—manmade crystals). Please be aware that there could be natural cracks, rough spots, druzies, or inclusions. If there were to be any flaws, cracks, scratches, and scuffs I always try to be vigilant to make our buyers aware of it before purchasing in the photos and videos that I take.**

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Natural Obsidian, Hand Carved, Crystal Heal, Crystal Animal, Home Decoration, Reiki Healing, Crystal Gifts.

A strongly protective stone, Obsidian forms a shield against negativity, providing a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth. It absorbs negative energy from the environment and blocks psychic attacks and negative spiritual influences. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.

Chakra: Obsidian is most commonly associated with the Root chakra, grounding you to the Earth. It can also be used at the Solar Plexus Chakra for emotional healing.

Zodiac: Scorpio 

Element: Water. Water represents wisdom, depth, and fluidity.