Natural Crystal Eye Mask - Sleep Mask

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Bring the spa experience home with the luxurious handmade Crystal Eye Mask! Combine the comfort of a luxurious eye mask with the power of natural crystals to deliver the ultimate self care experience! 

Available in Tigers Eye, Amethyst and Rose Quartz, these masks create a unique and effective way to relax, cool and soothe the eye area. Perfect for relaxing into a deep sleep. 

The weight of the eye mask adds to the tranquil effect.

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Tigers Eye: helps us to remain centered and empowered to balance the extremes in our lives. It’s soothing activation emanates from the solar plexus outward to infuse us with a vitality that aligns to our purpose. Clearing the mind of scattered thoughts, tiger's eye guides us to see the big picture and harmonizes differing viewpoints in us to separate wants from practical needs. It strengthens decisiveness and opens psychic awareness.

Gently cleansing for the body and aura, tiger's eye supports digestion and brain balance and brings optimistic energy of the sun to our everyday life.

In ancient times, it was used to protect against “the evil eye," allowing it to still provide a shield, deflecting negative energy or physical emotional attack. It is also a stone of good luck, and will attract prosperity.

Amethyst: The great supporter, Amethyst has a vast array of benefits for both skin and soul. This calming crystal can ease redness and irritation, assist with blemishes and is anti-inflammatory. Energetically, it clears negativity, aids with sleep, boost intuition and supports you during times of change. It, along with clear quartz is a fabulous healer and a wonderful stone to use during your meditation practice. 

Rose Quartz:  The crystal of love, rose quartz helps to boost self-esteem and self-worth and is calming for both skin and soul. It can aid in circulation, reduces redness and irritation, lowers stress levels and is believed to have anti-ageing properties.