Handmade Bespoke Picasso Marble Pendant

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This large bespoke pendant was designed around the beautiful Picasso Marble stone using a textured sterling silver backplate, 925 fire bezel, web bezel & droplets, copper web bezel & droplets, and accented with a 925 cast spider. It has a drop of 65mm and includes a 60cm copper ball chain. 

AUD $388.00 + Shipping

This crystal is a type of marble, and the meaning of its name originally came from the sculptors who were using it.

It was named Picasso-Marble because these sculptors thought that the colors and patterns in the stone resembled Pablo Picasso's work.

Many pieces of the stone have a quite amazing appearance, with what may seem like beautiful pictures or paintings embodied in them. Some even have what looks like brush strokes on them.

Picasso Marble stimulates your creative ability and boosts artistic gifts.

Change comes to the life of most of us, but how you deal with it makes a major difference to the outcome of your life.

One of the interesting properties Picasso Marble embodies is to assist you to deal with change in a different way.  

Using one of these crystals may be beneficial when you are going through changes in your life. 

They may be especially helpful when events occur that you might ordinarily feel are not a good thing to happen.

The vibration of this stone brings strength and perseverance when you are going through these situations.

Their energy may help you to see that what you might have thought was detrimental can actually be a positive outcome that may lead to a major transformation in your life.

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye 

Zodiac: Sagittarius