Special Order Commission Roy - Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant

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This Statement piece incorporates two of my loves, up-cycled vintage silver flatware and Australian Opals.

I created this one-of-a-kind pendant using a vintage Chateau by Lunt Sterling Silver spoon handle from 1919 as the back plate and bail for a spectacular 21ct Lighting Ridge Australian Opal.

It is set using sterling silver, copper, and bronze fire bezel and is adorned with a gorgeous 0.80ct 7mm Qld Parti Sapphire from Australian Sapphires Direct. 

Some History:

Lunt Silversmiths is the oldest continuously operating, family-owned silver company in the United States. Established as an independent company by George C. Lunt in 1902, the company factory is located in Greenfield, MA at the heart of early American silversmithing.

Chateau aka Chateau Thierry by Lunt sterling silver flatware, Period 1910-1919.

Parti Sapphires (short for partition) is a stone that contains two colours due to a natural blending. Parti Sapphires cannot be manufactured, so you're assured of a precious, one-off piece when you choose this type of stone.