Opal Patterns - Chinese Writing Pattern and Straw Pattern

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Opal Patterns - Chinese Writing Pattern and Straw Pattern

Chinese Writing Pattern: As seen on the left

Like the appearance of the Chinese language characters.

Straw Pattern: As seen on the right

It resembles a piece of flattened straw crisscrossing each other.

Harlequin Pattern: As seen on the bottom - right

A Harlequin stone is the most prized of all opals. They are extremely rare and were often referred to by the old miners as tartan shirts opal.

We've seen only seven patterns here. All stones are not perfectly categorized into some patterns. If you see 100 stones, you might find 100 different patterns from them. The image you get from the stone can be the pattern for the particular opal.

cr: Black and Boulder Gemstory

cr: Presti and Presti Lapidary