Tiffany Stone Ring

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My first Tiffany Stone creation; and I’m very happy how the dainty ring turned out.  A 7.90ct Tiffany Stone set with fancy gallery wire and a hammer textured size 7 band.

AUD $225.00 + Shipping

Tiffany Stone is composed primarily of Opalized Fluorite which produces its signature blend of rich purples, blue-violets, lavenders, and creams. It is usually brecciated with interwoven veins or patches of Quartz, Chalcedony, Dolomite, Rhodonite, Manganese oxides (blacks), Bertrandite (white, pink, or yellow, containing Beryllium), Beryl, and/or solid white or translucent-yellowish Opal.

Tiffany Stone is extremely rare and valuable, found in only one place on earth, the Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine in the Topaz-Spor Mountains of Juab County in western Utah, USA. It was unearthed in the 1960s with the discovery of Bertrandite, the principal mineral mined for its Beryllium content,

This is a lovely stone with high vibration energy and excellent metaphysical attributes.

You may feel it resonate within the higher chakras, as it aids you to make a stronger spiritual connection.

Tiffany Stone helps you to receive guidance from the higher realms.

Its energy takes you up through the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, and soul star chakra, to connect you quite easily with the higher transpersonal chakras.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye 

Zodiac: Pisces 

Element: Fire