Alice in Wonderland Pendant Commission

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Had a lot of fun making this one, I handcrafted a Vintage Copper hammer textured heart, then adorned it with Alice in Wonderland charms, Swarovski Crystal blue heart, Time Tech made in Japan blue watch face, red and blue Swarovski crystal beads, and sterling silver daisy with center crystal. Attached to the base of the heart is the tea party charm, deep blue Swarovski crystal bead, and a glass red heart charm finished with a vine leaf. The main pendant is a Vintage green beaded necklace also adorned with Alice in wonderland theme charms, red crystals, blue Swarovski hearts, and vine leaves. The pendant is 48cm long, with a 7cm extension chain adorned with key, spoon, clock, and flower charms, a blue chalcedony bead between 2 red Swarovski crystal beads.

The vintage copper heart is handmade and soldered, the adornments are wire wrapped with sterling silver, brass, and copper wire, jump rings have been used throughout to connect various charms and beads, the chain is vintage brass. A fun commission thanks Suzie for the inspiration.

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