Handmade Amethyst and Moonstone Triple Stone Statement Ring

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Amethyst with its stunning purple hues and Moonstone with all of its white beaming rays create not only a visually pleasing scenery but also transmit such powerful and uplifting sensations. One of many things that Amethyst and Moonstone have in common is their ability to alleviate stress and thoughts that may cause uneasiness and restlessness.

So, if you are going through a phase in your life where there is a lot going on and you feel so overwhelmed, this special crystal composition is just ideal.
Amethyst and Moonstone generate a potent and amplified calming energy that works on supplying your mind with a reassuring sense of calmness that permits you to manage your daily tasks with patience and poise.

This lovely triple stone statement ring combines Amethyst cabochons and an oval Moonstone set with 999 gallery wire and is adorned with four 925 droplets, in a size 10. 

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The Amethyst and Moonstone crystal combination is here to supplement your energy field with heartfelt emotional and mental support.  Amethyst and Moonstone together deliver genuine supporting sensations which lighten up your whole being and permit you to overcome challenging situations with higher awareness and a calmer mindset.
The energy emitted by this purple gem encircles your whole being with a comforting aura that makes you feel supported and upheld during hard times.

It generates great calming vibrations that soothe quickly any fear-based emotions. 
Plus, it is critical to mention that Amethyst is ideal for activities that require strong cognitive concentration. It delivers powerful calming sensations so you are capable to maintain a tranquil and focused mind. 

This bright gem purifies your entourage from tension and confusion which enables you to feel more confident to handle your life events with ease and inner harmony.
Plus, the distinguished uplifting vibrations of Moonstone calm your mind and aids you to overcome the bothering thoughts that cause you to overthink.
Getting in touch with this crystal assists you to fade away the negative thoughts and flourishes your entire inner being with optimism, unwavering hope, and refreshing repose.