Beautiful Oval Blue Lace Agate Boho Ring

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Beautiful large oval Blue Lace Agate Cabochon totalling 39.60ct; Handcrafted into a funky boho ring using solid sterling silver with a leaf textured backplate and wide textured band in a size 8-8.5.

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Blue Lace Agate has a soft, soothing elegance; like sky-blue waters released from winter’s grasp. Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates. [Mella, 70]

Blue Lace Agate is associated with Mercury, communication, and the throat chakra, making it the best Agate for Geminis. Geminis have the gift of gab, and Blue Lace Agate takes their excellent communication skills to the next level. It opens and activates the throat chakra, encouraging self-expression and speaking up.