Copper Witch Heart Pendant

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Handmade copper Witch Heart Pendant.

The heart symbol took a slight twist in meaning during the 17th century, particularly in Scotland when 'witches heart' or 'Luckenbooth' twisted heart brooches were used as talismans against evil spirits. By the 18th century however, the witches heart symbol evolved to mean 'bewitched by love', often set with garnets

It's said these curved, asymmetric hearts were originally worn in ancient times to protect against any ill-meaning spirits or witches.

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The Copper metal is the giver of positivity and goodness, as well as the bringer of good luck in various endeavours. Many people associate it with positive energy when acquiring property and other material possessions. It attracts money, prosperity, and all-around abundance.

What chakra is copper for?

ROOT CHAKRA: It is believed that copper has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications.